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no-drugsConsider These Facts…

There are certain facts that should be of concern to all companies:

  • Employees that use drugs are five times more likely to file a Workers’ Compensation claim.
  • Employees that use drugs are three times more likely to file medical claims.
  • 25% of employees use drugs regularly or are “on a high” when arriving for work.
  • 9 million Americans are currently drug users.
  • Workers’ Compensation judges have ruled against employers, saying their Drug-Free Workplace Programs were inadequate and employers had not met the requirements of the Law.
  • Insurance companies are scrutinizing every detail of an employer’s Drug-Free Workplace Program.

Many employers don’t realize that it is a significant undertaking to properly set up and manage a certified Drug-Free Workplace Program.

ADMIN 2000, Inc. is a recognized, well documented, successful Drug-Free Workplace and Safety Compliance Company. The Professional staff at ADMIN 2000, Inc. will show you how to beat the high cost of worker’s Compensation insurance with our Employer Services and Risk Management programs. We will evaluate your current company status and show you how to reduce worker’s comp claims in number, value and severity. Our Safety and Drug-Free Workplace programs provide you with everything you will need to qualify for these discounts through our state and insurance industry approved turnkey program.

The experts at ADMIN 2000 can implement and tailor your Drug-Free & Safety programs for your company’s specifics needs.

ADMIN 2000 has Safety Training available and Safety Manuals designed for compliance with OSHA, EPA, DOT and the States of Florida and Georgia. Our experts can perform on-site Safety Audits to insure your company’s compliance with these Federal and State Safety requirements. ADMIN’s Safety Professionals are available to provide OSHA, EPA, and DOT training at your company’s location. Many of the Safety Training requirements mandated are annual retraining objectives. If your employees are not Safety Trained you could be subject to OSHA, EPA, or DOT citations and fines.

A 2% Workers’ Compensation credit is available for those companies that install and maintain safe workplace programs as mandated. Many companies are currently practicing all or some of the Safe Workplace requirements. Admin will advise you of any additional information and actions that need to be taken to assure compliance.

Certified Drug-Free Workplace programs warrant a discount on Workers’ Compensation premiums in many states as well. In Florida, certification of an authentic Drug-Free Workplace program, (FS440.101, 102 & DFWP Standards 59A24) rewards the participating business with a 5% discount. Adding drug screening to the employment process helps to discourage potential undesirable applicants, thus providing the business with a more efficient workforce. Post-accident drug screening can dissuade the fraudulent or nuisance claims as well, thus keeping the experience modifier in check.

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